How to be Impactful: 30 Group Community Service Project Ideas

30 Group Community Service Project Ideas for Your Ministry or Business

How to be Impactful: 30 Group Community Service Project Ideas

We as Christians are to engage the community and make an impact for Christ. If you’re part of a business or church that is looking for ways to make an impact in your community, this list of community service project ideas is for you. You’ll need to evaluate the true needs of your unique community, as the needs of different areas vary. Carrying out the planning and operations of community service projects can be complex, so LifeEquip encourages you to reach out to us if we can provide support. These ideas are great for large scale programs or partnerships, but many of these ideas could also be contributed to on an individual level.   

30 Group Community Service Project Ideas

  1. Start a food pantry (or contribute to one)
  2. Begin a free clothing closet for those in need (or contribute to one)
  3. Supply community gardens in high need neighborhoods
  4. Provide day care for high need families
  5. Create a youth community center
  6. Raise funds for a local charity by managing a race
  7. Clean up trash in your community
  8. Fund and run a school
  9. Fund and run a sports program for kids
  10. Organize animal foster care and adoptions
  11. Organize book drives for donations
  12. Create a grocery and meal delivery program for elderly
  13. Provide mentorship and resources to support in rehabilitation of incarcerated people
  14. Organize a charity auction
  15. Tutor children
  16. Organize a disaster relief program
  17. Provide home or personal care for local senior citizens
  18. Make donations to a local homeless shelter
  19. Help with maintenance of a local homeless shelter
  20. Collect school supplies and deliver them to local low income schools
  21. Recruit volunteers for local schools
  22. Run a summer camp that promotes good values
  23. Provide free skill classes
  24. Help local people that are out of work find jobs (provide materials and resources)
  25. Run an after-school program (incorporate art and sports)
  26. Host resume workshops
  27. Host weekly meals open to the public and homeless
  28. Organize visiting committees to visit hospitals, orphanages, the elderly, etc.
  29. Create or encourage your group to join a community mentorship program
  30. Leave care packages on door steps in low income neighborhoods


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