How to Experience Joy through Fellowship

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Connect, Lead, Equip: Experience Joy through Fellowship - Fellowship describes connecting with others who are followers of Jesus Christ. In 1 John, John communicates his personal experience with Christ...

4 Inspiring Ways to Live a Joyful Life

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4 Secrets to Help You Live a Joyful Life - Life takes a toll. Work, family, friends, ministry, and the various priorities of life are important yet can be draining. How do we find joy again?

8 Inspiring Thoughts about Joy & Happiness

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Thoughts about Joy & Happiness in Life - Joy is an emotion that is rooted in our connection to God. We cannot find our source of joy in events or in good things happening instead of bad things.

The Truth about Strength & Gentleness (Help for Pastors)

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Stew on This: Strength & Gentleness (Help for Pastors) - The strength of gentleness is a great topic for conversations and sermons.

Been Feeling Stressed? Discover How to Have a Better New Year

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Stew on This: Rest in Jesus to Have a Better New Year - Jesus gives an invitation to those who are “weary and burdened.”

How to Invite Jesus into Your Life this Holiday Season

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Invite Jesus into Your Life & Find Peace this Christmas - “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds...

3 Scriptures about Peace to Inspire Your Christmas

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Christmas Encouragement to Share: 3 Scriptures about Peace - This is the season for peace – Christmas time.