The Trumpet Perspective on True Patience for Work & Life

Connect, Lead, Equip: The Trumpet Perspective on True Patience for Work & Life

The Trumpet Perspective on True Patience for Work & Life

Launching or being part of a big social impact project or new entrepreneurship initiative is very fulfilling. As Christians, we tend to be visionaries who exude excitement to meet needs through the projects to which we devote our energy. That said, significant progress often takes time. This is true with important professional and ministry undertakings, such as community impact projects, outreach programs, internal company developments, and the like. The most challenging aspect of great things taking time, is having patience during the process. For anyone who finds waiting to be a trial, below is a biblical perspective for consideration and encouragement.              

Waiting often creates opportunities for greater good. In the Bible, this was true for Joseph. His extra two years waiting in prison turned out to be a greater outcome than he could have imagined. God’s timing was perfect in Joseph’s life and it is perfect in ours.   

Too often we try to get out of the pain of patience by our own poorly designed schemes. We get in a hurry. We think our timetable is right and God is slow. But God says, “Wait, I have something better than anything you can create for yourself.”

Trumpet Illustration by Glenn C. Stewart:

“When I was in the fifth grade, I started playing the trumpet. I was pretty serious about it. I borrowed a trumpet from the school but could only use it while at school, which meant of course I couldn’t take it home and practice. But then I found out that Knopf’s Music Store rented trumpets for just $4.00 per month. They weren’t the greatest. It wasn’t a Bach Stradivarius or a Yamaha Xeno, but I could take it home. I came home excited and told my mom, ‘Guess what, I can rent a trumpet for $4.00 per month. Isn’t that great? Can I go now and get one?’

She didn’t share my enthusiasm. In fact, she was quite insistent that I would have to be patient and wait. That’s not what I wanted to hear and I let it be known in various ways. So, I figured I’d wait until my dad got home. He would surely understand how important and necessary this was. I figured we’d be on our way to Knopf’s Music Store. Then I’d come home with a shiny trumpet. But he said the same thing as my mom and I was ticked off at them both. I didn’t do patience well.

One month passed, two months passed, and still I was using the school trumpet (which had been blown on by a 100 other school kids). Then Christmas came and guess what? Under the tree was a big, heavy package. It was a brand-new trumpet. My parents had worked hard to get me that. They knew it was coming and it would be better than a rental trumpet. What I had to do in that situation was wait, because what was coming was better than what I wanted in the moment,” (Glenn C. Stewart, Pastor, Author, and LifeEquip Founder).

We don’t know what God has for us tomorrow. Whatever we are experiencing today is not wasted time, but part of His perfect development plan for His work in and through our lives.

He wants the best for us. Tackling big projects in a church, ministry, or business can feel overwhelming and like the finish line is always so far away. But His design is perfect and His will is good. Today’s hardship may result in tomorrow’s blessing. In the meantime, be diligent, be hopeful, and be patient.

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