Business & Ministry Impact: How to Embrace Your Calling

Connect, Lead, Equip: Do You Embrace Your Calling in Business & Ministry Impact?

Business & Ministry Impact: How to Embrace Your Calling

As we grow spiritually, we search for God’s direction in our lives and livelihoods. This exploration leads to evaluating our calling. If we feel led to the business world as opposed to ministry, that may be difficult to understand. Ministry is such a clear and wonderful place to impact communities for God. We may question our impact ability in the secular world. However, it is important to embrace that the business world is an excellent place to make a spiritual impact. Our lives also have seasons… sometimes we may fit into a business world spiritual mission and other times a ministry world mission. We can even be straddled and making an impact in both hemispheres at the same time. Truly submit to God and listen to where He calls. There might be leaps of faith involved and ultimately His plan to use us may be complex and unconventional. If we stay close to Him in our hearts and pray for discernment, He’ll always be using us.

Being that LifeEquip assists Christians in business and also in ministry to impact local communities, we were very inspired by the following video. To Whom is Given: Business for the Common Good is a short film in which “academic experts and everyday Christians share their stories about how they glorify God through their work.” Whether you’re currently in the business world or ministry, if you have a few moments to watch the video, you’ll walk away inspired.  

To Whom is Given: Business for the Common Good Film Quotes

“Prove to people that you can glorify God just as much in the marketplace as you can in the church.”

“As a church, we can do a lot more in honoring that [marketplace spiritual impact] kind of work.”

“We go through different seasons of life with different vocations.”

“You can be in ministry pastorally and in ministry in the marketplace at different times in your life.”

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