Want to Lead Social Change? Can You Make the Trust Leap?

Connect, Lead, Equip: Want to Lead Social Change? This Trust Example Will Help

Want to Lead Social Change? Can You Make the Trust Leap?

Having a life calling and passion is exciting, but it can be scary as well. It takes significant spiritual trust to move beyond discerning how God can use us in ministry, business, or our personal lives, to surrendering and taking action.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight,” (Proverbs 3:5-6, ESV).

Do you see what it means to trust? “In all your ways acknowledge Him.” In every part of your life (yourself, your family, your work, your leisure, in all your ways) bring God in and follow His instructions for how to live His way. To do that means you can’t trust your thinking, feelings, and experiences. Nor can you give in to your fears, hurts, and disappointments. You must discover what God says about this area of your life and obey His instructions. Even though it might seem scary to you not to have control, trust is relying on God and what He says as the safe way and right way to live life.

LifeEquip founder, pastor, and author, Glenn C. Stewart, once shared an inspiring story about trust…

“I once had a memorable experience in Arizona. I was taking part in a ‘challenge course.’ It was part of an exercise that helped us face our fears and learn to depend on others. The ‘challenge’ was to climb a 35-foot telephone pole, stand on the top, and then jump and grab a trapeze type device and hold on. The first thing you need to know is that I do not like heights. I got a few steps up on the ladder and my legs started to shake. It didn’t matter that I was wearing a safety harness and a rope was attached to the harness. I would be held by someone so that if I fell they would support me gently and bring me back to the ground. Of course, when I got in the harness and started up the pole, the leader told another person to help hold the safety rope just to be sure that my weight coming down didn’t lift the other person off the ground so we’d pass in mid-air.

My heart was in my throat as I got to the top of the pole. I had taken the one that had a small platform. But getting on it wasn’t easy. I was getting lots of instructions from below and with trembling legs and fearful heart palpitations I finally got on it and then stood up. The leader said, “Okay, I’ll count to three and you jump. One, two, three –” But I remained frozen. “Okay I’ll count again,” the leader said.

Eventually, with fear just about taking my breath away, I jumped. In fact, I was so determined not to fall short of the catch bar that I overshot it, hit it with my forearms, and experienced that “falling” feeling. But suddenly I was supported. The people on the ground pulled the line and I was suspended in air. Slowly they lowered me to the ground while those watching cheered. At that point, despite all my fears in approaching it, it felt good to take the risk and feel the support.”

Trusting in God means we jump into obeying Him even though we have fears. It is His sovereign plan, His power, and His love that will support us. We will never know the support of His love if we stay back avoiding what He has designed for us. We will never experience the full life He has for us if we reject His instruction and lean on our own understanding instead of relying on His.

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