7 Work Life Balance Questions for Focus, Growth & Success

Stew on This: Spiritual Growth Help (7 Work Life Balance Questions)


Written By: Glenn C. Stewart

7 Work Life Balance Questions for Focus, Growth & Success

Stew on This Resources for PastorsI hesitate to use the word balance when it comes to personal or work life management because it seems to imply that you are to spend equal time on multiple priorities. In reality, that is not the way to live a balanced life. Instead, you may give more time and attention to a life or work sector than another depending on the day or week. What is important, however, is that your determined priorities receive needed and appropriate attention and you can verify it on the calendar. In other words, a time-audit may reveal that you have or have not neglected any area, though not everything will receive the same quality or amount of time in a given time period (day or week). Notice I am not giving the option of a month because that is too long to neglect any life priority.

Asking yourself assessment questions each day helps you stay on track with the life you want. Here are seven starter questions I have found helpful. Ask them at the end of the time-table you’ve established for regular self-evaluation.

7 Work Life Balance Questions:

  1. Am I sure about what matters most?It is surprising to me how many people have never clearly defined what is most important in their life. It begins with asking, “What do I value?”Saying “no” to good, but time consuming, energy draining opportunities and requests can only be done when you have defined your top seven to eight priorities in life.
  2. Am I secure in who I am regardless of my performance?If not, you will succumb to the opinions, pressures, and manipulations of other people. Ask, “How did my day reflect my personal security? Was I able to stay focused on my pre-determined daily priorities and not be distracted by the urgencies of others?”
  3. What did I do to show my family that I love them?The easiest people to neglect are family members. After all, it is easy to assume they will understand how busy you are and that you are doing important things for them. It is true that some days are jammed with “to-dos” that leave you breathless. Still, have you called them, spoken a brief word of encouragement to them, listened to them, or told them you love them?
  4. Did I keep all my commitments?The best way to build trust is to do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it. Your credibility and reliability are at stake. Legitimate reasons for having to change a commitment are to be communicated personally, not by text or email. A phone call or face-to-face conversation shows respect.
  5. Did I compromise my integrity and honesty in any way?Ask, “Did I tell the truth to my clients, customers, co-workers, and family members?” Being dependable, a model of excellence, working diligently, and showing respect exhibits integrity.
  6. Did I read or learn anything new today?Reading increases your knowledge base and better equips you to handle the challenges you face. If you read just 15 minutes a day (every day for one year) you can complete more than 20 books! Get reading!
  7. What will I do differently tomorrow?Perhaps today wasn’t one of your better days. It’s over. Let it go. Focus on tomorrow and how to make it profitable for yourself and those around you.

You can’t afford to simply let life happen or to drift through life. You are called to intentional living.

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