4 Ways to Increase Blog Success (Ministry Tools)

Leadership Tools Monday: Maximize Blog Success (Ministry Tools)

 4 Important Ways to Increase Blog Success (Ministry Tools)

Blogging can be an essential part of a website for organizations and churches. This blogging statistics article written from a business perspective concerning the benefits of blogging applies to both individual and church blogs as well. Blogging skills are a great addition to a leader’s arsenal of leadership tools. Since churches and other Christian ministries often turn to WordPress.org, we have included some helpful tips for running a productive blog based on this platform.  

4 Tips for Blog Success:

  1. Maximize Content – The idea is that you focus your time and energy into composing your blog posts. Social media content becomes easier to produce because it channels automatically from the blog, so you save time and added work. This also drives the social media audience to your blog and you build up more traffic/website standing. Two of the plugins that are great for auto posting your blog to social media are JetPack and NextScripts Social Networks Poster. Sometimes one or the other glitches, so you may switch back and forth. One or the other is good at a time. You still have to run Instagram separately (at least for now)… they still don’t allow auto posting from blogs. Though one method is to use the free version of Crowd Fire (hook it up to your website and your phone so it notifies you when you have a new blog post). When it notifies you about the post, post it to Instagram and use IFTTT to channel your Instagram posts out to your Twitter, Facebook, etc. You have to play and see which set up works for you.
  2. Utilize Website Data as Soon as Possible – Hook up Google Analytics to your website so you can track website traffic and understand how your website is evolving.
  3. Consider Google AdWords – At some point, you probably will want to consider Google AdWords. Statistically, the best recipe for blog growth is a healthy combination of frequent and consistent quality content, social media engagement with posts, and some paid keyword website traffic. But always do research periodically and stay up-to-date with how blog traffic strategies are evolving.
  4. Take Advantage of Tools & Insights to Maximize Your Posts – When it comes to posting, here are some quick notes…* Content is king. Try to provide insightful news, useful, or entertaining blog material.

* Many studies show the more you post (quality content) the faster your blog grows. This great HubSpot article is very insightful on the topic of blogging frequency (weekly, monthly, etc). Consistency is good too, so people know when to expect your new content.

* Be aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and title quality when you post. Make sure you have the Yoast SEO plugin installed and fill out that information for each blog post. Follow Yoast’s guides for composing the content and adding headline tags. It will give you color signals for if your post is composed well (green is good). In conjunction, the CoSchedule Headline analyzer is good for testing titles for not just SEO but also if they are catchy. And you need to think about the core audience you’re trying to reach and therefore the keywords that should be used. Google’s keyword planner can help. If you want to tag onto current trends, the Google Trends tool is helpful for seeing popular search phrases. And think about the insight your post is offering. Using/alternating and finding a balance of your website’s keywords in titles and phrases you think people might search is a good title building method.

* Visual media helps engage readers. Photos and videos are good. Do your research on crediting photos or videos produced by others. Pixabay is a website you may look into for photos. Media that is social media share worthy is of course even better. Images with quotes are a good example.

Blogging involves consistent learning, monitoring of statistics, and personal growth in your writing. Adhering to the steps listed above provides some areas on which to focus as you move forward in the blogging world.

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