The Organizational Leadership Assessment evaluates an organizations health and helps enable them to create healthy, servant-minded organizations enabling the person and organization to reach their potential. OLA assess organizational health based on six key areas of effective organizational leadership. This model of Servant Leadership was developed through a research project in 1998 and has become the foundational model for OLA.

OLA and pastor services


These key areas of organizational and leadership practice are critical to achieving optimal organizational health. These concepts were then expanded into the OLA360° instrument which provides positive, developmental tool to use in leadership and staff reviews.

LifeEquip is a member of the OLAgroup partner network. LifeEquip is committed to helping organizations achieve optimal health in order to realize their potential and exceed their own expectations. OLAgroup Partners are individuals who are involved in organizational and leadership coaching, training and consulting who desire to add the OLA technology to their toolbox helping organizations establish optimal organizational health.

The OLA360° is a web-based review tool that facilitates anonymous multi-angle performance assessment of individual employees and leaders.  These reviews provide concrete, results-based feedback and encourages open interaction and communication – driving strategies for personal and professional improvement for everyone in your organization

OLA Facts Sheet

Sample OLA Report

LifeEquip Provides:

Leadership Introduction Meeting: 100%
Assessment Review with Pastor/Leader: 100%
OLA Assessments for 50 up to 100 members: 100%
Church Kick-off Meeting: 100%
Assessment Review with Organization: 100%
Assessment Review with Leadership Team: 100%
Development of Organizational Plan: 100%
12 Months of Leadership Round Table Meetings: 100%
One (1) year of Coaching with Leader, Facilitated by Glenn Stewart: 100%
OLA 360 Plan: 100%
OLA 360 Review with Leader: 100%
OLA 360 for Leader: 100%
Monthly follow-up with OLA Champion by Ray Leake: 100%

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