Life Synchronization Help for Pastors: 4 Predators to Know

4 Obstacles to Harmonious Lifestyles (Life Synchronization Help for Pastors)

Written By: Glenn C. Stewart


Life Synchronization Help for Pastors: 4 Predators to Know


What does it mean to synchronize? In a TED talk, mathematician Steve Strogatz stated that synchronization is, “the most pervasive drive in all of nature … it extends from sub-atomic scale through the farthest reaches of the cosmos. There is tendency in the universe toward spontaneous order.”God’s design in creation is one of synchronization – different elements coming together in unity.

This topic is important for anyone, but life synchronization help for pastors is especially vital to discuss. God has placed a great calling on the hearts of ministers and ministry leaders. Synchronization in life (rather than being lost in the chaos) is a commonly dismissed aspect of achieving life’s purpose. Yet it is God’s design and therefore highly efficient. To live synchronized lives, we need to identify the roadblocks (or predators) that interfere. Who or what are the predators that destroy the order and harmony of our lives?


4 Life Synchronization Predators:


  1. Discouragement –

This has affected most of us at one time or another. Sometimes there are physical factors that affect our mood. We may feel down and depressed. Other times, the circumstances we face hinder our joy. Relationships might not work out or life events can suck the air out of our emotional balloons. At other times, it may be spiritual dryness (a feeling of distance from God) that plagues us. We might think, “Does He remember who I am? Does He see what I’m going through? I desperately desire to sense closeness to Him, but God delays. He’s not showing up on my timetable or coming through in ways I expect.”

We become discouraged, which disturbs the order of our lives. Life responsibilities begin to slip because we don’t give them the attention they need.

  1. Failure –

We’re not immune to failure. It’s part of our human and even Christian experience. The goal of the archenemy, Satan, is to devour us spiritually (1 Peter 5:8), therefore he seeks our failure. He’s our ultimate predator. We may also fail vocationally, financially, or relationally. These issues have the potential to destroy the unity of our lives, which results in chaos.

  1. Exhaustion –

We might have had the pedal to the metal for too long. When 12, 14, or 16 hour days become the norm, frankly, we end up worn out. We experience physical weariness or soul weariness. Our thoughts can become anxious, defeatist, negative, and therefore our emotions follow suit. Soul weariness is the exhausting loss of inner peace when we reach a state of dis-ease internally. We will shrink back from managing key areas of life because we’ve become too physically and emotionally tired.

  1. Self-Doubt –

Hesitancy to move forward in one or more area of life slows us down. Maybe we don’t think we can do it well and it’s not our area of strength, so we let our finances, work, or even marriage slip into non-attention. We procrastinate, hoping somehow these areas will just work out or take care of themselves.


God designed His creation to operate in a synchronized, harmonious, orderly, and simultaneous fashion. That includes you and I. When we talk about synchronizing life, we’re talking about getting the audio (the word of God which we hear through reading the Bible) and the video (the daily living of our lives) together. They need to line up. Many of us regularly sync our computer with our phone or our desktop with our tablet. This is data synchronization, the process of establishing consistency among data from a source to a target device. So, synchronizing our lives in this analogy means that we, the target devices, connect to the source device, which is God’s word. Our life files are then brought into agreement.

Synchronization is the regulation of diverse elements into an integrated and harmonious operation. Remember, our lives consist of diverse pieces (or elements): jobs, family, self, friendships, finances, leisure, and service. The goal is to synchronize them all so that we each have an integrated and harmonious life.



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