How to Improve Balance & Organization: Help for Pastors

Ministry Monday: Balance & Organization Help for Pastors

Written By: Glenn C. Stewart

How to Improve Balance & Organization: Help for Pastors

An old magazine had this question on the cover, “Has God given us enough time?” The author answered, “No, not if through our busyness, we’re trying to find significance, or fill boredom, or cover pain, or gain acceptance, or safeguard our futures. However, there is all the time in the world for us to do those things to which God calls us.”1


There is enough time to do God’s will. If you have too many things that aren’t getting done, it means some of it isn’t God’s will. He doesn’t expect you to do more than He gives you to do. Is it time to organize and balance your life within time?


Scripture tells us, “The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty,” (Proverbs 21:5, ESV).


So, where do you start? Consider your life regarding six categories – work, family, friendships, self, service, and finances. In what areas are you strong? What areas need improvement? Where do you excel at organization and where do you struggle?

Ask God to point out imbalance, particularly if one area is limiting your faithfulness to God in other areas. Now understand this will take some tough choices. You will be tempted to say, “you just don’t understand, I have to put in 70 hours at work and I

don’t have time to read my Bible, manage finances, or date my wife….” Now, be careful here. If you translate that accurately you end up saying, “God has not given enough time to accomplish these six areas.”


The reality is you (and I) are doing too many things that aren’t His plan and His will for us. There is just enough time in every day to do what He wants, not everything we want.


3 Keys for Organization and Balance:


* Goals: You may want to set a goal or two in each life area (work, family, friendships, self, service, and finances) to increase your progress and cultivate your faithfulness to Christ. Set attainable goals so that you don’t get discouraged. Be intentional about time management.


* Schedule: Now here’s a tip – don’t plan a day, plan a week. A day is too short a time-frame. You may not hit all six areas every day. But you need to hit them all in a week – does that make sense? The things we make sure to schedule typically get priority.


* Organization: Learn better skills in planning, organizing, and scheduling. This also includes saying no to things that may seem good, but they take away from what God has for you or they lead you to imbalance.


Whether it comes from mentors or personal improvement, balance and organization help for pastors are both vital. For ministers, the demands are many. It may feel like it never ends. Whether you are a ministry leader, a doctor, a Bible study teacher, or fall into any other category – what will you do to create balance and organization in your life this week? What do you need to say no to so that you can fulfill what God has for you effectively within the constraints of time?







  1. David Henderson, “Time to Give Up,” The Navigators, August 10, 2017, accessed September 13, 2017,


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