4 Inspiring Ways to Achieve Your Church Vision

Ministry Monday: Ways to Inspire Church Growth & Achieve Your Church Vision

4 Inspiring Ways to Achieve Your Church Vision

Truly forming a full understanding of what it means to provide leadership and implementing a servant leadership culture in your church is a huge touchdown. Success can lead to renewal of enthusiasm, energy, and enjoyment. And we all want to enjoy ministry! Dr. Jim Laub is the author of the Organizational Leadership Assessment (www.olagroup.com), a heavily researched model of servant leadership. He identified six disciplines that when practiced make for effective leadership and a successful organization. And your church is an organization. One of the six core servant leadership principles is providing leadership. “Providing leadership” may sound as simple as “Go get ‘em tiger.” In reality, it can be as difficult as facing an undefeated team in a championship.


You, the pastor, are responsible for establishing vision and direction. Professor and church consultant, Aubrey Malphurs, stated that, “Vision is a clear, challenging picture of the future of the ministry, as you believe that it can and must be.”1


4 Ways to Envision the Future:


Conveying your vision involves the following critical steps:


  1. Paint a clear picture of the preferred future. What is the desired end state?
  2. Consider the dreams and aspirations of those you lead. They need to see themselves in the picture.
  3. Test your vision with your leaders and be open to their input.
  4. Articulate the vision clearly, deliver it passionately, and implement it relentlessly.


Crafting and casting vision requires boldness. Just like football coaches, leaders need to be willing to step out and take risks. It requires venturing into unknown territory. The known has you where you are. It’s time for the uncharted waters of uncertainty based on the clear vision God has given you.


I have found, particularly in smaller churches, that being caught up in management costs effective leadership. Do all you can to free yourself from operational management so you can champion the vision and develop strategies to fulfill it.


The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

 – Helen Keller 2






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