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What is Self-Control, Really? The Mustang Perspective

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Connect, Lead, Equip: What is Self-Control? The alcoholic who can’t make it through the day without a drink, the student flunking out of college because he never studies...

How to Experience Joy through Fellowship

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Connect, Lead, Equip: Experience Joy through Fellowship - Fellowship describes connecting with others who are followers of Jesus Christ. In 1 John, John communicates his personal experience with Christ...

4 Inspiring Ways to Live a Joyful Life

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4 Secrets to Help You Live a Joyful Life - Life takes a toll. Work, family, friends, ministry, and the various priorities of life are important yet can be draining. How do we find joy again?

8 Inspiring Thoughts about Joy & Happiness

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Thoughts about Joy & Happiness in Life - Joy is an emotion that is rooted in our connection to God. We cannot find our source of joy in events or in good things happening instead of bad things.