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How to Overcome Pride’s Self-Centeredness

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Spiritual Encouragement: How to Find the Right Path

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7 Quotes About How to Connect with God & the Church’s Love

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Does the Church Care? 4 Examples of the Church’s Love

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Self-Improvement Stew: Does the Church Care?

Here are 4 Examples to Consider… You Decide

Does the Church Care? 4 Examples of the Church's Love

Stew on This with Glenn Stewart

Perhaps you have heard it said that the church is hypocritical. It talks love but doesn’t show it. I’ve heard this criticism more times than I can count but in my experience it’s not true. I’m sure it is in some cases because the church is not perfect. We are flawed despite seeking to become more like Jesus (because we haven’t arrived yet).

This past year I was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer (an inoperable tumor). And what I’ve discovered over the past months is that the church really cares. Not only the local church I am a part of, but also the Church, the body of Christ.

4 Examples of Church Care & Love:

  1. From around the world I have received communication that God’s people are praying for me. Churches in countries that I have never been but they heard of my situation have assured me of their prayers. I have received care packages from people I don’t know but through a friend or family member they were informed of my medical issue. Some have been through their own fight with cancer and sent me items, like a blanket. You might be surprised at how meaningful a blanket is when you are recovering from treatment or the strain of another day.
  1. People who know me best, those I’ve pastored for the past 19 years, have poured love on me. Small gifts (is there such a thing?), large gifts, yard care, home repairs, and house cleaning to help my wife who drives me to where I need to go are examples of the support. These are just a few of the ways my faith family has cared for us.
  1. There’s one more thing… we are part of a health-sharing ministry called Samaritan Ministries. What a blessing! As medical bills have mounted others have shared with us from their resources and helped meet our needs. Along with funds they send notes, which I have saved, that give encouragement and hope. I remember getting a card from a family with five young children. Each child did the best they could signing their name and saying, “We are praying for you.” How can you not weep at such love? I am now as I write.
  1. I haven’t even mentioned yet the one who paid for my initial treatment at Sloan Kettering in New York City or the one who paid for our lodging during the two weeks we were there.

Believe me – the Church truly cares! You will not be able to convince me otherwise. Love the Church. God’s people in relationship […]

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