An Example for Leadership Growth: Joseph’s Patience

Connect, Lead, Equip: An Example for Leadership Growth... Joseph's Patience & 4 Self-Reflection Questions Patience is a very critical aspect of personal development and perseverance not just in life but especially as a leader. Think about what God designed for Joseph when he went from the prison to the palace. Had Joseph come before Pharaoh two years prior, chances are it would have been only because of the king's curiosity. There would have been no personal need or [...]

The Leadership Challenge Book: How to Boost Community Impact

Connect, Lead, Equip: The Leadership Challenge Book (Business & Church Resources) Leaders are active not passive. They act rather than react. A bold vision without corresponding execution is only a dream. Taking the initiative to act involves being dissatisfied with the status quo, seeing the changes that need to be made, and seizing new opportunities. It may be that everyone and everything is “fine” at your work or ministry but the organization’s mission lies dormant or the big [...]