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Glenn has forty years of experience leading churches, planting a church, and developing leaders. He has served as an adjunct professor of theology and leadership at the Orlando campus of Palm Beach Atlantic University, and as the chairman of the board of a Christian college and seminary. Along with his degrees in Bible and theology he has a master’s degree in organizational leadership. Certified as a human behavior consultant, Glenn is an authorized Wiley Everything DiSC© partner, a partner with Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLA) which measures organizational health from a servant leadership perspective, a certified facilitator of Ken Blanchard’s Lead Like Jesus Encounter Groups, and certified with CPP (a world leader in personality, career, and organizational development assessments). Glenn has provided speaking engagements and workplace training for more than 150 organizations nationally and internationally. His list of clients includes United Technologies at Kennedy Space Center, Auburn University, the Army Corps of Engineers, Veteran’s Administration Hospitals, the U.S. Navy, Florida Hospital and CRU.

4 Inspiring Ways to Live a Joyful Life

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4 Secrets to Help You Live a Joyful Life - Life takes a toll. Work, family, friends, ministry, and the various priorities of life are important yet can be draining. How do we find joy again?

Leadership Tools for Success: Are You Living with Joy?

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Connect, Lead, Equip: Are You Joyful? The first step in dealing with leadership struggles, difficult situations, relationship troubles, and life challenges...

8 Inspiring Thoughts about Joy & Happiness

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Thoughts about Joy & Happiness in Life - Joy is an emotion that is rooted in our connection to God. We cannot find our source of joy in events or in good things happening instead of bad things.

4 Ways to Increase Blog Success (Ministry Tools)

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Ministry Monday: Maximize Blog Success (Ministry Tools) - Blogging can be an essential part of a website for organizations and churches.

Pastoral Help for How to be Gentle through Humility

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Stew on This: The Road to Humility and Gentleness (Pastoral Help for How to be Gentle) - Humility means you don’t think too highly of yourself, you aren’t arrogant, and you don’t have an overestimation of yourself.

Helpful Church Resources for Blog Success: 3 Tips to Know

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Church Resources for Blog Success - Websites are often the face of churches and organizations in today’s technological world.

7 Quotes about Gentleness: Why We Need to be the Breeze

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Be the Breeze, Not the Hurricane (Quotes about Gentleness) - Strength and gentleness are like the wind, which at the zenith of its power can be a destructive hurricane, but when controlled can be a soothing breeze.

The Truth about Strength & Gentleness (Help for Pastors)

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Stew on This: Strength & Gentleness (Help for Pastors) - The strength of gentleness is a great topic for conversations and sermons.

Success in Ministry: 2 Top Free Church Website Solutions

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Ministry Monday: Popular Free Church Website Solutions (for Success in Ministry) - It is incredibly rewarding to live with purpose and serve in a ministry.