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Glenn has forty years of experience leading churches, planting a church, and developing leaders. He has served as an adjunct professor of theology and leadership at the Orlando campus of Palm Beach Atlantic University, and as the chairman of the board of a Christian college and seminary. Along with his degrees in Bible and theology he has a master’s degree in organizational leadership. Certified as a human behavior consultant, Glenn is an authorized Wiley Everything DiSC© partner, a partner with Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLA) which measures organizational health from a servant leadership perspective, a certified facilitator of Ken Blanchard’s Lead Like Jesus Encounter Groups, and certified with CPP (a world leader in personality, career, and organizational development assessments). Glenn has provided speaking engagements and workplace training for more than 150 organizations nationally and internationally. His list of clients includes United Technologies at Kennedy Space Center, Auburn University, the Army Corps of Engineers, Veteran’s Administration Hospitals, the U.S. Navy, Florida Hospital and CRU.

5 Ideas for Pastors on How to Resolve Church Conflict

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Ministry Monday Ideas for Pastors: How to Resolve Church Conflict - Conflict! It’s inevitable. No matter how much you don’t like it or want to avoid it...

Life Purpose Motivation: 10 Unique Hardship Quotes for Sermons

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Hardship Quotes to Get Us Thinking Deeper - In Chinese, the word “crisis” is written with two characters and each stands for a different concept...

Unexpected Results of Hardship: The Fruit of the Spirit

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Self-Improvement Stew: The Results of Hardship & The Fruit of the Spirit - Holiness is the character of God. To share in His holiness is to become like Him

Pastor Resources for Hardship: How to Explain 3 Values of Hardship

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3 Values of Hardship (Pastor Resources for Hardship) - Hardship, however it comes into our life, is an instructive and corrective tool of God...

How to Reframe Hardship Sermon Illustration for Pastors

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Hardship Sermon Illustration for Pastors: Understanding the Value of Discipline - I remember when my wife and I became true empty-nesters.

7 Pastor Resources Quotes on Ministry Life & How to Sustain Faith

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Quotes on Ministry Life & Keeping Faith - The writer of Hebrews addressed Christians who faced the very real threat of impending persecution...

3 Important Details About How God Works All Things for Our Good

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Understanding How God Works All Things for Our Good - We are probably all familiar with Romans 8:28. “We know that all things work together...

How to Talk About Faith Supplements in Pastoral Counseling

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Encouragement for Pastors Leadership Development PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Spiritual Encouragement

Faith Supplements in Pastoral Counseling…

Faith Supplements in Pastoral Counseling...

We often need to find creative ways to offer pastoral counseling. Vital topics like […]

How to Celebrate the National Day of Prayer: Free Prayer Guide

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Free Prayer Guide to Celebrate National Day of Prayer - For the National Day of Prayer on May 4th, 2017, here is a helpful prayer tool. #prayer