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LifeEquip is a premiere not-for-profit consulting firm with a mission to impact local communities by increasing the effectiveness
of the local church.

Our goal is to provide organizational development and resource support to pastors and local churches so the senior pastor can focus on core functions of being a pastor: preaching, teaching, and shepherding.  We accomplish this through our Connect – Lead – Equip process.


Think about how much easier your job would be if you had a pipeline of people to provide pastoral support, advice, and mentoring. LifeEquip is here to walk with you through the hills and valleys of being a pastor – think of us as a pastor’s pastor. Our team will be there for you and will connect you with peers who have been in your shoes – relationships that can help you grow into a confident leader.



Leadership is not always easy, but a necessary role for the pastor of any church. By using industry leading assessment tools, we measure the organizational health and improve the culture of your team. LifeEquip will strengthen your church from the ground up and provide a strong foundation from which to lead.



Many times, the day-to-day business needs of being a pastor can interfere with managing the ministry needs of your organization. Our industry professionals can provide you with processes and training to optimize this part of running your church. This allows you to focus your time and energy on your church community.


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The most beneficial aspect so far has been learning and adapting to the various personality types on our team, which has enhanced my ability to understand why certain team members think and act differently. I highly recommend the LifeEquip team for church pastors and leaders.
G. Darryl Smith, Spirit of Faith Orlando
LifeEquip will give you and your church leadership team the help to get the next level of ministry. Our ministry has benefited by partnering with LifeEquip.
LifeEquip has created a detailed map for a process of development and action plan to achieve the goal in not just doing church, but BEING the healthy church that God has called us to be.
Joshua Tirado, New Covenant Church
LifeEquip’s team development training was excellent. The knowledge we gained will be instrumental in equipping us to understand and more effectively communicate with each other.
Daria Monroe, Executive Director, Embraced by Grace Adoption Agency